WHEN: Saturday, September 17th, 2005
TIMES: 10AM - 9:30 PM
LOCATION: Montgomery Mall, Rte 202 & 309, North Wales, PA

“The American spirit is alive and well in the heart of people who are helping the Red Cross
and all of the relief organizations, involved in serving those who have lost so much.”

Over 30 dance companies, schools & performance groups have come together to help raise awareness and collect donations for the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund on this special day. Won't you join us?

The American Red Cross has launched an immense emergency relief effort to meet unprecedented humanitarian needs in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, mobilizing workers and supplies to address the urgent, critical needs of disaster victims, which include providing emergency shelter, food, water, clothing, counseling and other assistance.

As members of the performing arts community, we are compelled to help in this relief effort in anyway we can. Through our individual and collective talents, we hope to create a spirit of giving that all of us can be part of in helping those most in need.

We can not do this alone. Please come out and join us on Saturday, September 17th. Enjoy our performances, participate and dance with us, but most of all, give what you can! We will have donation stations throughout the mall to collect for the Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. All funds collected will go directly to aid those affected by Hurricane Katrina.

The Red Cross has launched one of its largest responses ever to a national disaster, and it’s still not enough to support the needs of all the evacuees who have been forced from their homes. We need your help!